Our Team Of Contributors

The Posada Natura team is the heartbeat of the healing and recuperative energy of our Sacred Spaces. We kindly honor them and all the hard work they do every day.





Owner & Medicine Woman
Celina is a spiritual guide, healer, mother, and weaver of ancient and modern wisdom. Her training as a ceremony facilitator draws upon 19 years of experience with Amazonian plant medicine and a foundation in yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. As an apprentice of Taita Juan Agreda Chindoy from the Kamentsa indigenous community of the Putumayo of Colombia her ceremonial practice is grounded in a traditional lineage though amidst that she leads with a very feminine approach. Her gifts lie in her intuitive ability to meet individuals where they are at and to hold a non-judgmental space for healing and transformation. She is also a Stanford grad, has a Masters in Divinity from the Graduate Theological Union, and has received professional training in spiritual care through the art of chaplaincy. Her greatest inspiration and influence comes from being the mother of two daughters. She also complements her perspective with insight from her husband, Dr. Brian Anderson, an integrative psychiatrist.