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2,600 Acres of Rainforest Parkland

Our Rainforest Conservation Efforts

At Posada Natura, we believe that fighting for the health and healing of Mother Earth is as equally important as the health and healing of the human. We own over 2,000 acres of protected rainforest parkland we call Eco-Era.

Our rainforest conservation mission works in conjunction with our healing practices at Posada.

The Eco-Era parklands began as a non-profit environmental and educational organization founded in 1991 by Gustavo Caldarelli and Anna Shubeau. Posada Natura now manages the 2,600 acre tropical rainforest reserve in the Cerro Nara watershed of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. It is part of the 7,500 acre Zona Protectora Cerro Nara protected lands that are currently in process to become National Wildlife Refuge.

Eco-Era was created to protect biodiversity by ensuring that critical habitat is preserved in a pristine state and to educate people about the importance of protecting the earth to ensure a sustainable future for all beings.

Our lands are home to one of the purest watersheds left on earth, and one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. Each retreat we host at Posada Natura brings us one step closer to our vision of global awareness and action toward conserving and coming home to the natural world. The proceeds from our retreats go to maintaining our rainforest parklands in unison with the vision of our sister non-profit organization, Circle of Sacred Nature.