About Posada Natura

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Posada Natura Costa Rica is a wellness center dedicated to spiritual transformation, healing, personal development, and awakening. We are seated above one of the cleanest rivers left on earth, Rio Naranjo, and are surrounded by 2,600 acres of our protected rainforest. We work under the mission and value system of our umbrella non-profit organization, Circle of Sacred Nature, to fund our efforts to provide opportunities for people to heal and conserve the rainforest.This extraordinary natural setting is one of Costa Rica’s most bio-diverse regions, and is the perfect environment for your retreats, workshops, and trainings to reach new levels of nourishment and awakening.


Our signature Posada Natura programs are designed to open you to your inner worlds, emotions, traumas, gifts, and light, and provide professional therapeutic services that will help you integrate these experiences of awakening. Our heartfelt mission and focus at Posada Natura is to facilitate your healing process through spiritual practices that connect you to your Divine nature, open your awareness of your human condition, and support your internalization and assimilation of these revelations. We honor and carry forth the healing wisdom of ancient, indigenous spiritual traditions in collaboration with modern western psychology to penetrate deeply into the psyche and uproot the patterns, beliefs, habits, and stagnancy that prevent us from identifying with our Divine essence.


Our spiritual and wellness practices of indigenous ceremony, yoga, energy healing, meditation, and nutrition open the gateways to see your inner worlds. Our integration programs will aid you in understanding how to work with and transform your inner worlds into pristine temples of love to host your inner Light. We welcome all persons on the path of self realization to receive of this wealth of healing we offer at Posada Natura. We are committed to providing authentic spiritual trainings in the fields of meditation, energy healing, yoga & movement, indigenous traditions, ayurveda, nutrition and body work. We carefully select our facilitators and healers to uphold integrity and authenticity in their spiritual practice, teaching, and facilitation.


We are especially committed to hosting and facilitating healing and integration retreats for members of the corporate world. We recognize that the emotional and psychological demand being put upon our modern corporate world is causing a corporate burnout endemic. Our programs specialize in providing relief and stress management, lifestyle management, healing and self care protocols through workshops in mindfulness, meditation non-violent communication, earth re-connection, and heart-centered, healing practices.


We believe a large part of the healing journey lies in our re-connection with the natural world. Our self-imposed disconnection from Mother Earth has caused fragmentation within us. Posada Natura understands and values the interconnected web of all living beings, and sees the healing effects of re-establishing harmonious, reciprocal relationship with the natural world.


We are honored to be the caretakers of 2,600 acres of rainforest parklands called Eco-Era. We work in effort to support this connection through sustainability and preservation of the biodiversity of the Costa Rican rainforest. Our wildlife refuge land is located just behind our healing center, gifting us with pure spring water, and an abundance of food and plant medicine. While visiting Posada Natura you will feel the resonance of the vibrant and healing energy of the sacred rainforest, pristine water, and ancient Spirit animating this land. We strive to create harmony with Mother Earth and our own hearts, and to restore a world of balance for our children and future generations.


Join us on the path.