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Our healing retreats and spiritual wellness programs cater to the truth and authenticity of spiritual traditions from all over the world. We carefully select our facilitators and healers to ensure the most authentic experience of your awakening.


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Healing Therapies

Spa and energy therapies and treatments for full body, mind & spirit detox and complete relaxation. Appointments available for booking upon arrival.

Spa Treatments

$ 100

This ayurvedic therapy involves the gentle pouring of medicinal oils over the forehead to treat a variety of physical illnesses.

Massage Therapy
$ 120

Thai, Swedish & Shamanic Therapies

Blue Clay Body Mask
$ 30

Full body detox body scrub and relaxation

Herbal Steam Bath
$ 10

Infuse and detox the body in our herbal steam room

Energy Therapy

Reiki Healing
$ 60

Healing energy channeled from Source

Breath Work
$ 100

Experience deep emotional healing through your own breath

Sound Bath
$ 60

Singing bowl sound therapy to recalibrate the body's cells

Private Yoga Class
$ 30

Catered to each individuals needs and abilities


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