the land

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We honor the land and the sacred wisdom that lives within her. This higher guidance has brought us to implement analog forestry and permaculture techniques on our path of establishing a harmonious relationship with the local ecology. Our vision is of a world in which humans reconnect to our mother earth by attuning to her natural rhythms and ecosystems in deep respect and gratitude; to see all that is alive flourish and express their creative beings without hindrance; to shed our layers of stagnant delusion blocking thr realization of Oneness. Following these values, we have designed edible forest gardens, medicinal herb gardens, aquatic gardens and wildlife conservation corridors as part of the effort to reconnect and respect our great mother.

Posada Natura is a model site for a resilient, harmonious and abundant settlement in the tropical rainforest in which the well being of all species is cared for, taught and learned.