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Shipibo Plant Dieta With Abuela Amelia Panduro



We invite you to join us March 8 – 18, 2018 at Posada Natura, for a very special retreat with a Shipibo grandmother, medicine woman, and legend – Amelia Panduro.
Amelia will lead a 10-day traditional Shipibo plant teacher dieta, as well as 4 sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

This is a truly beautiful opportunity  to dive deeper into the healing work with the ancient wisdom of Amazonian Master, Teacher and Doctor Plants.


Plant dieta Video



The simple explanation of the therapeutic value of a Traditional Plant Dieta is as follows:



 *They modify states of consciousness and purify the body.

*They allow one to more easily deal with the strong emetic, cathartic, and visionary effects commonly associated with the plantas maestras. The resulting changes need to be carefully protected, as rearrangements in body biochemistries and identity patterns leave the patient or initiate for a time sensitive and vulnerable. In this way dietas can be typified as preparation and recovery technologies that attend this sort of phyto-spiritual “surgery”.

*They stimulate the body’s innate ability to self-heal.




Amelia Panduro (Ronin Wano – Anaconda Woman) is 65 years old and comes from the Amazonian community of Vista Alegre de Pachitea on the Ucayali River (Peru) . She began working with plant medicines as a young woman under the tutelage of her uncle. All that she has experienced in her life only fortified her heart of gold, and her desire to be a conduit of healing. In the 35 years she has been working with the plants, Amelia has become an expert herbalist with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants found in Shipibo territories.






The dietas originated as a plant-based practice for developing attunement to the currents of spirit that underlie the material world. Traditionally, this has been applied to such skills as hunting, divination, ancestral consultations, healing, leadership, and so on. The dietas are part of broader systems of human-plant relationships that characterize many of the indigenous people of Amazonia. As the Amazon basin is populated by a high concentration of plants whose chemical behaviors are complex and ‘active’ enough to be used medicinally, and humans have been interacting with them for 1000’s of years, the dieta tradition is well developed.




This Retreat Includes ~

*Lodging in beautiful, modern, riverfront cabins
*All Organic Meals – in alignment with traditional dieta
*10-day Shipibo Dieta Program with Amelia Panduro
*4 Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies led by Amelia
*Use of Amenities –  Jungle-side pool, jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, etc.


Investment – $2430


To Reserve Your Spot in this program, Please send a $500 non-refundable deposit via Paypal (“friends and family” option) to [email protected]

  • Price: $500.00

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