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Deep Forest Healing Retreat,  March 19 – 26, 2018
Posada Natura, Costa Rica


A unique opportunity to experience the curative and transformative properties of
authentic and indigenous Amazonian medicines and healing traditions.



This retreat is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is seeking healing from illness, dis-ease, trauma, or pain.


Detox. Cleanse. Purify. Heal. Rejuvenate. Renew.

This is an ideal experience to help initiate transformations and changes in your life that you not been able to achieve.

We have created a powerful program designed to activate your inner healer and support your journey to wellness.


This holistic program includes ~
*Healing Nutrition & Herbal Therapies
*Powerful Indigenous Medicines – & Traditions from the Amazon
(Including Kambo, Ayahuasca, Rome Poto, Sananga, and more)
*Cleansing & Purification Therapies
*Sacred Ceremonies

*Temazcal (Sweatlodge)
and other healing modalities.



Your stay will be at Posada Natura – a gorgeous retreat center, nestled in the rainforest, in Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Zone.
This immersion in nature contributes greatly to the potent healing energy of this event.

Comfortable modern cabins surrounded by lush jungles with vibrant tropical flowers and butterflies, scarlet macaws and other exotic flora and fauna just outside your door.

Enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi,
or a botanical steam bath while staying in this
precious piece of paradise.




This retreat has been created with the intention and focus for initiating deep healing and transformation.
This is an opportunity to experience ancient indigenous wisdom and the healing power of nature.

The Amazon rainforest is considered to be the richest botanical resource in the world.
This immense greenspace contains 5 million species of healing
plants, and centuries of wisdom and healing knowledge retained in the tribal cultures indigenous to these lands.


During this week we will dive deep into uncommon healing techniques with powerful potential for real and lasting change.
Many of the medicines and traditions that will be shared during this retreat are coming directly from indigenous tribes currently living within the Amazon.
The use of these healing practices have been a part of the tribal cultures for centuries.

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We are living in a moment in time where ancestral wisdom and ancient traditions are teaching us much about healing and how to live in joy.
As we open our minds and our hearts to expand beyond the perceptions we have inherited through the culture we grew up in, we find great wisdom and potential exists in places far off the beaten path.

Deep in the forests of South America live people who carry forth wisdom and solutions for many of the ills humanity suffers with in this modern world.

 This retreat is a very special opportunity to experience some of these ancient traditions.



Your entire stay with us will be supported by a loving and experienced team of healers and guides.
Fresh made organic meals, herbal teas, healing programs and services, sacred ceremonies, comfortable accommodations, bodywork therapies, yoga classes, and more, is all included in your personal healing journey.



We are offering this retreat to a limited number of participants,
so that we may provide the optimum care for each person.

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Included in cost during your stay at Posada –

– Lodging in a comfortable, modern cabin
– All Organic Meals and Teas
– Daily Yoga Classes
– Bodywork Session
– Daily Amazonian Healing Medicines and Therapies (5 x kambo, romé poto, sananga, and more)
– Temazcal (Sweatlodge) Ceremony
– Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Ceremony
– Use of Amenities such as Sauna, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, etc.
– All Classes and Workshops offered during your stay.

Not Included in Cost –
– International Travel

– Transportation to and from Posada
– Additional Bodywork and Acupuncture services

  • $1980 per person
    To Reserve Your Space a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required.

Please send payments through Paypal to
[email protected]



Reserve Your Space Now for this Rare Opportunity

send your deposit of $500 via Paypal to
[email protected]

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