Welcome to our rainforest sanctuary nestled along the pristine Naranjo river on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. We invite you to immerse in the soothing high frequencies of one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Embark on a personal health transformation and healing journey in our sacred space.

2-10 Day Retreats

One of kind wellness and adventure programs designed for your personal revolution

All Inclusive Immersions

100% Organic meals, yoga, pilates, meditation, day adventures, shamanic ceremonies, sweat lodge, massage, and coaching.

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Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Open your heart, heal, cleanse, connect to Earth and the cosmos.

Experience the Spirit Vine

Expand your consciousness and release emotional trauma with the support of an intimate small group and our expert staff.

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The Temple and Reserve

Take a tour through the main lodge, guest cabins, bamboo temple and botanical gardens

Come home to the rainforest

Stroll through the organic gardens, hike to the waterfall, dip in the river, or play in the salt water pool with your friends.

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awaken & connect

Our mission at Posada Natura is to facilitate the process of global awakening by planting the seeds of love, truth, respect, and peaceful cooperation.  We honor the wisdom and practices of both ancient and modern traditions, and we open our doors to and all who are on the path of self discovery.  We strive to live harmoniously with Mother Earth and all of her abundance so that we may leave a better world for our children and future generations.

At Posada Natura we strongly believe in the power of ancient plant medicines and traditions.  We collaborate with experienced teachers and facilitators to offer unique programs for spiritual awakening and mind, body transformation.  We recognize that the path of personal evolution is a varied and multi-layered process.  For this reason, we are always broadening the spectrum of healing opportunities here at Posada Natura.  Browse the retreats below and see what resonates with you.

upcoming programs

Transforming Cellular Memory with Don Hanson and Julia Malone

September 23rd – 26th, 2016

Described by some as being the most powerful transformational experience without ingesting a plant medicine. Back by popular demand: Powerful Cellular Transformation in Costa Rica with Don Hanson.

The Weekend Wake-Up

October 6th-9th, 2016

A short and sweet three day weekend retreat to heal, reset, and awaken. Enjoy a traditional Temezcal sweat lodge, followed by two back to back sacred plant medicine ceremonies. Includes shared cabin accommodation, organic vegan meals, plus personal and group integration coaching.

La Luna Goddess Ceremonies

Nov 14th, Dec 13th & Jan 12th

Activate and empower your feminine wisdom, strengthen sisterhood and soak in the power of the full moon. Open your heart, release emotional baggage, and reconnect to your womb with the healing power of ancient Amazonian plant medicine.

The Epic Awakening

December 4th-9th, 2016

A powerful intimate group retreat experience incorporating pilates, yoga, myofascial release, meditation, 100% organic superfood plant based cuisine, two sacred plant medicine ceremonies, plus two day adventures to Nauyaca Waterfalls and Manuel Antonio National Park.

Thai Yoga Massage Certification Program

Dec 13th to 23rd, 2016

Learn the ancient healing art of Thai Yoga Massage with our 90 hr training lead by a world class instructor. This course is certified through the Sunshine Network school of Thai Massage in Chiang Rai, Thailand and will give you the skills to practice professionally.

3rd Annual Earth Guardian Retreat

Dec 27th, 2016 – Jan 7th, 2017

We welcome you to join our 3rd annual Earth Guardian Retreat. Launch into the New Year with 10 days of powerful healing and inner transformation.  This is the ultimate opportunity for deep cleansing and renewal, while having a lot of fun.

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testimonials from our global family

“My first time taking sacred plant medicine was the most profound experience. Set amongst the exquisitely beautiful Costa Rican jungles, I endured the intense purging of past and welcomed the clarity of newfound space. It wrings you out like a towel. Our group was intrinsically powerful and connected, which only manifested further in ceremony. Not only are you hyper aware of their energies, but also are reaffirmed of the unified consciousness that threads all of us together.

My intention was to unfold my highest self. Shortly after sipping the sacred brew, I was blasted into the cosmos bringing a new perspective to every inch of my reality. Gently yet powerfully, the medicine taught me about the flow of the universe and my place in it. She illuminated my need to trust myself and provided clarity on my path to doing so.

I feel reborn from this ceremony. I can see again. Everything is alive and I am awakened. Thank you Gustavo, Chiara, Amber and Daniel for preparing me and supporting me during this epic awakening – I am forever grateful to have crossed your paths and will be back soon! Thank you, thank you!”

– Aiyana, 27, Pheonix, Arizona

“The ceremony and entire experience at Posada Natura has completely changed my life forever! Never have I felt more at home with a group of ‘strangers’ (for lack of a better term) in a place that I have never visited. Before this, I was a complete introvert living a fear-based life and holding on to so much emotional baggage. I was scared to interact with people in general, let alone share all of my emotions and feelings.

Since this experience, I’m functioning at optimal levels every day. I don’t get stressed out. My mind has also slowed down so much that I feel as if I’m actually living my life for the first time in 34 years! All of this with an even greater connection to mother nature too! It’s unbelievable!

It was difficult when first arriving back to the states. I knew the day after the ceremony that I didn’t want to leave. There are so many things to learn. I have this undeniable pull to come back for more ceremonies and to be around great company in such a magical setting. I have since continued my vegetarian diet, and have entirely stopped all my medications and old habits that no longer serve me. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again very soon!”

– Rourke, 34, Georgia

“This was the most powerful and healing week of my life thus far. I had no idea I was holding onto so much trauma and pain until I faced it within ceremony and was able to let it go. The organic meals have been incredible, the emotional support excellent, and rooms super comfortable. I have been battling with an addiction to alcohol and cocaine for about 5 years now and I am on the path to full recovery now thanks to plant medicine and my experiences here in Costa Rica.

My time enjoyed with the Posada staff family has felt like a complete home coming. A home coming to myself, my connection to nature and the universe at large. I had never been to the rainforest before, or even left my home country. I now deeply understand why its so important to respect and protect this sacred land. I feel vibrant, whole, peaceful and see with completely new eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-John McBride, 42, Sydney, Australia

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